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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News  CBS  November 10, 2012 7:00am-7:30am PST

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the violent history betweene a hunt for a killer, under way in the south bay right now. the violent history between the suspect and his wife. >> the affair that brought down the head of the c.i.a., general david patraeus, the cryptic e- mailings that led investigators to the other woman. >> i refuse to accept any approach that isn't balanced. >> the president on the fiscal cliff, ahead of negotiations on capitol hill. it's 7:00 saturday morning, november 10th. i'm ann mack vick. >> and i'm brian hackney. shall we check weather? >> it's cold out. is that the bottom line? let's quickly look at the extended forecast. next chance of rain into the bay area by later in the week. wednesday night, thursday morning. things will begin to cloud up, and that's the next chance of rain. meantime, we get some clouds as we look towards the bay bridge and as ann pointed out, it's going to be chilly. temperatures this morning will range from the upper 20s to about the mid 40s.
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seven-day forecast. look at thursday. maybe some rain coming in. all the details ahead. first let's check in with ann. ski resorts are banking on a big business boost, thanks to the latest snowstorm. at least one will be open for snow fans today. the storm left up to a foot and a half of fresh snow for drivers, that means tough conditions over the major highways, but the snow fall could bring a much needed windfall for ski resorts after a subpar snow pack last minute. boreal mountain resort has eight inches of new snow. ski lifts will be operating today. >> the weather can go either way but it's a really good start and we hope it continues. >> a lot more snow. i'm praying for it. >> ma'am moth mountain resort east of yosemite opened for the first time and lake tahoe has up to 18 inches of new snow police in san jose are searching for a 50-year-old man who is suspected of killing his wife. the body of patricia nasenzo
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was found yesterday morning in the entryway of a house. she had a hoody around her face. there were no signs of forced entry into the home. relatives of troy and patricia nazenzo had the couple had a volatile relationship. >> i can see him getting physical, and i can see him doing things like this but i never thought it would have resulted in their marriage. i do know that somebody, a woman was sleeping with troy. >> this is san jose's 41st homicide of the year. surpassing last year's total in approaching the 20 year record in the city. police believe the man took off in a gray chevy silverado pickup truck. the license place number is on your screen. 8l70015. san jose police are asking anyone with any information to please call them. president obama says he will look out for the middle class when he talks with congress on deficit reduction and the budget. >> now, i'm open to compromise and new ideas.
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but i refuse to accept any approach that isn't balanced. congress should permanently extend the middle class tax cuts, right now. even as we negotiate a broader deficit reduction package. >> the president repeated in today's weekly radio address that he wants higher taxes for people making more than $250,000 a year. a military analyst says the resignation of c.i.a. chief david patraeus because of an extra marital affair is not the end of the story. cbs news has learned the other woman is paula broadwell, she wrote a biography of patraeus. cbs 5 reporter linda yi on what patraeus faces next. >> reporter: it was just over a year ago, his wife by his side, that one of america's most decorated four star generals took the oath of office at c.i.a. director. today, he resigned in disgrace. in a statement to c.i.a. employees, patraeus said, after being married for over 37 years, i showed extremely poor judgment by engaging in an
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extramarital affair. the affair came to light during an f.b.i. investigation that started months ago. officials became concerned about what cbs news has learned were cryptic e-mails patraeus exchanged with his by graver paula broadwell. >> it's sad. >> cbs 5 military analyst retired colonel brendan kearney med broadwell earlier this year during her book tour. he said she was bright and articulate. >> she acknowledged she had been given unfettered access to him. >> does that seem suspicious to you, when you now think back? >> in 31 years of being around an awful lot of general officers, i've never heard of anybody having the access that she had. and was i suspicious? no. i'm not going to give myself credit for that. >> reporter: the white house insists it knew nothing about the investigation until patraeus told the president after the election. president obama accepted his resignation today, and thanked patraeus for his service. colonel kearney says the resignation may not end
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patraeus's problems. >> you and i as citizens of this country quite honestly, we don't worry what happens between consenting adults. in the military, that is still something that is punishable by military law. he could conceivably be recalled from a retired status, retired status, retired status, retired status -- >> reporter: cbs 5. and in other sex scandal news, another affair forced the future c.e.o. of lockheed martin to step down. the defense company announced that it asked for the resignation of christopher kubasick after he cheated on his wife with a subordinate employee. she's already left the company. the "wall street journal" reports he will get a 3.5 million dollar separation payment. new this morning, the port of oakland, it's chief is the latest top executive to be linked to the strip club scandal. newly released documents show omar benjamin helped run up a $4500 tab at a texas strip club back in 2008.
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the port's maritime director james quan submitted expenses for reimbursement. omar is listed on the receipt after quan. no word on what action officials will take against the executives. in other headlines around the bay the man convicted of killing two women at the richmond san rafael bridge toll plaza asked jurors to flip a join on his fate. 49-year-old nathan burriss was convicted of that crime that happened back in 2009. burriss was romantically involved with one of the victims. the penalty phase continues on tuesday. today, swimmers are asked to stay out of the water in monterey county. health officials say county beaches have storm drain runoff may have dangerous levels of bacteria. recent rains are blamed for that problem. that advisory will stay in effect until monday. today marks an international day of observance for a teen activist who survived a gun shot wound in the head. today, pakistani girls rallied for malalla usefa.
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it's been one month since the taliban named her as a target for a school bus shooting. her only crime? fighting for the right of girls to an education. she is being treated at a hospital in britain. thousands in britain called on the government to nominate her for the nobel peace prize. the perfect weekend event for book and food fans. celebrity chefs sign them up for a good cause. what hubert keller likes to do outside of the kitchen. >> i just want to feed them fish and swim with them. >> underwater therapy for wounded warriors. how a dozen veterans battling p.t.s.d. wound up swimming with the dolphins. >> and a big chill has settled in over the bay area. by california standards anyway. a frost advisory in effect for 50 more minutes, with temperatures down near 29 in the north bay. we'll shat about all this and our prospects for the next round of rain. we'll do that after a break. ,,
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former combat troops sufferg from brain trauma, or p-t-sa group of those veterans gota former combat troops suffering have brain trauma or
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p.t.s.d. a group of those veterans got a chance to try a new approach to their therapy in vallejo. cbs 5 reporter dahl lynn explains how dolphins figure into the healing process. >> reporter: they came home with invisible scars, hardened and psychologically traumatized by their combat experiences in the iraq war. >> those are personal. >> i got you. >> i'd rather not go into those. >> sure. >> nightmares are a common occurrence. although over the years they've gotten less and less frequent, still every time they come up, they're just as dramatic as they were. >> reporter: of all places, theirer that took place in a tank at six flags discovery kingdom in vallejo. with some very sociable and loveable dolphins. the 10 veterans are part of a posttraumatic stress discord recovery program known as -- disorder recovery program known as the pathway home. at first a lot of skepticism from these servicemen. the relationship started with the rubbing of the dolphins. once they got comfortable, the vets started dancing with the
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dolphins. they even rode the dolphins around the tank. >> i'm riding a dolphin! >> reporter: in just two short hours, an emotional connection between the veterans and the dolphins, end up with kisses. >> i just want to feed them fish, and swim with them. >> reporter: this was the first time these wounded warriors got to work with these dolphins, and with such a big success, that the program's now thinking about having other soldiers come here for future treatment. as for these 10 veterans, they left with big smiles. and even a gift. paintings from the dolphins. >> go to bed, just excited, and you know, happy, and hopefully not having any nightmares. >> reporter: in vallejo, i'm da lynn. cbs 5. the national park service is honoring veterans this weekend by offering free admission to all of them, nearly 400 parks are covered, and that includes your woods in marin county. the usual price of admission is $7 but from now through monday, everyone gets in free.
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officials at muir woods expect an increase in the crowds. some entertaining antics set for today on the san francisco bay. the red bull flu trog happens near at&t park. this is video from the event in september in chicago. today, more than 30 teams will push their economy transportations off a 30 foot high platform. flutag means flying day in german. the first u.s. event happened in san francisco 10 years ago. and i would have to say it's another one of those situations where people with too much time on their hands. i don't know. >> build something, and dump it in the water. what better way to spend a weekend. >> yeah, yeah. good to see you ms. m. how are you? >> yeah. we're glad you're back this weekend. >> it's chilly around the bay area. we have frost advisories posted. let's go out and see exactly what's happening. temperatures diving down so that the national weather service at 3 in the morning said well, let's post a frost
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advisory. first of the season, the north bay is mostly susceptible to this. it's only posted through 8:00, but these are the coolest temperatures of the day. an hour after sunrise you can get the coldest temperatures of the day. at the moment we're ranging between 29 and 34 in the north bay. so protect your plants and pets and mother-in-law and all that stuff. right now, numbers around the bay area, 40 degrees at concord, 50 at oakland. livermore up to 43. it's a chilly 30 degrees in santa rosa. san jose has 42, and for us, doesn't look bad. cool temps today, mostly sunny skies and we'll get a chance of rain again turning into the bay area by late wednesday, and early thursday. but it's going to be a nice day today. the visibility on a clear day, you really can see forever. high pressure is off shore and low pressure is spinning in over eastern nevada, triggering a few snow showers in the sierra as we pointed out earlier. all of that stuff in the gulf of alaska will be heading up north and so, we really don't have to worry about it.
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out the door, sunny and cool for the bay area today. and the future cast is showing we'll get a few clouds, but that will be about it. mostly sunny skies predominate today. in the extended forecast we'll be calling for numbers to be mostly in the 50s today, as we look ahead, the next chance for showers moving into the bay area, late wednesday, early thursday. and that's off enough into the future. this is a caution nare note. it doesn't really look like anything solid right now but there is at least the potential so we give you a head's up simply by way of performing our public duty in the weather department. otherwise it will be nice >> except for the fact of the temperatures being so chilly. i put on my heat last night. >> oh, no. it won't be the last time. the lakers' head coach, fired. the golden state warriors hope for an easy night against l.a. all the drama coming up next in sports. ,,
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today we want to prepare something, fresh tomatoes, beef, olive oil. we place the olive oil in the pan. roast the garlic. >> reporter: as the garlic starts to turn a light golden color, we put the mushrooms. then fresh tomatoes. here is the flavor. >> the mushrooms were precooked when they went in and so was the lobster, but all the flavors are still intact. now he is adding the parsley. >> next to go is a tomato sauce, and then some lobster
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bisque. >> like juice from the lobster. we got some basil, some parsley, nice, fresh, homemade pasta right here. >> as in all the great kitchens, it's all about the fors. >> some -- the toss. >> some parmesan cheese ready to go. we have some garnish to make it light, nice and fresh. >> this is tony's table. this is heaven on a fork. i can hardly wait to dig in. that's good. >> the 24th able san francisco author's luncheon starts in less than three hours from now. cbs 5 is a proud sponsor. we're introduced to a master chef who writes about his life in and out of the kitchen. >> canada, souvenir, a exploreious book of a glorious culinary journey. 14 years in the kitchen. there's the book and here is
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the chef. chef hubert, great to see you. >> i feel really old, but 14 years in the book over my culinary journey. the recipes and story of my life. so it's a great book. 130 recipes, over 300 pictures in there, and of course we talk about it starts where i group up as a kid. so they are t. chapters are really divided differently than in a normal cookbook. also love, when i met my wife chantelle. very important. we are partners in business of course and married. a great book. lots of secrets and lots of recipes. >> the wonderful part of it also, what you do outside the kitchen. you love to ride harley davidson motor bikes and also d.j. >> yeah. you're right. i don't know if that's the best picture but it's true. besides cooking for so many years. i have to have a little fun time, of course. i think some people go see their shrink. i go on the motorcycle and ride fast. or d.j. 'g. >> finally, community is important to you.
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you gave us autographed copies of our book this past week for hurricane relief but you're doing a fund-raiser at the kidney foundation this saturday, right? >> and it's very exciting. this saturday we have a tremendous response to the event. and i will be there, having a little talk about the book, signing, personalizing your book, but it was so important to donate, actually, and it's all about giving and loving. >> the authors luncheon starts at 10:00 this morning at the marriott marquis in san francisco. tickets are still available. go to and click on events. it's a little early but some of you might be hungry for pizza. how about a song to put you in the mood. ♪ when i get a serious craving ♪ for something i want to eat. ♪ i need some cheese, tomatoes and olives, and maybe even some meat. ♪ i need some pizza. pizza, pizza. ♪ >> ok. i think this is another case of
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people having too much time on their hands. the pizza song went on youtube four days ago and it's gone viral. more than 200,000 people have already seen it, and the pizza joint mentioned in that song is in stockton. it's called david's pizza. and they say the song is really helping business. >> all right. you get a couple phone calls from people from out of state wanting to know, they were coming to the area and wanted to know where we were located. ♪ pizza, pizza, pizza >> the pizza song might be bringing in extra dough, but it's also responsible for an increase in crank calls. people have been calling the pizzeria and singing the pizza song. nonsense. all right. in sports, the stanford men's basketball team went up against u.s.f. at oracle arena and the los angeles warriors hoped the lakers would be an easy target since their coach was just fired. here's the highlights. >> good morning, everybody. you think the warriors would have a shot in los angeles against the lowly lakers. they were 1-4. they fire the
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head coach. brought in a new interim one. you figure they'd have a shot at staples center, right? huh-uh. let's look at bernie bickerstaff. he is the laker interim coach. the man in the middle. and 1st quarter, warriors down 2 but on the run. thompson stopped, popped, yes, sir. warriors led by 1. 2nd quarter, here came the kobe bryant perimeter game show. he lets it fly. he hits. kobe has 27, the lakers up 6. kobe bryant, look at the bump foul and shot it goes. lakers win 101-77. oracle arena hosted u.s.f. and stanford. cardinals led by 14 early but the dons led by 1. 31-30. but in the 2nd half, too much of the cardinal red. dwight fouled, hit, fouled cardinals win 74-62 and you are looking at jeremy mcfadden are a high ankle sprain.
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he's out for tomorrow's game against baltimore. so is backup running back mike goodson. it's up to taiwan jones. yeah, deer valley high out of antioc. he will share the laked with marcel reece and the raiders go up against the ravens. of course the fifth quarter post game show on cbs 5 follows that. enjoy your day. coming up, one more look at today's top stories, including the other woman in the affair that forced the head of the c.i.a. to step down. we'll be right back.
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a much-needed boost for ski resorts in the sie 7:26. here is a look at this morning's top stories. a much needed boost for ski resorts in the sierra nevada. up to a foot and a half of snow fell yesterday. that made matters difficult for drivers, but skiers and snowboarders are all revved up. san jose police believe a 50- year-old man is now on the run, after he allegedly murdered his wife. her body was found yesterday morning in the entryway to the couple's home on evangeline drive. more information about the resignation of c.i.a. chief david petraeus, cbs news has learned petraeus had an affair with a woman named paula broadwell. she wrote his biography. tomorrow on weekend early edition, a new super majority for democrats in sacramento.
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phil matier's question to former assembly speaker willie brown. is this a blessing or a headache? >> headache. major, major, headache. all of a sudden you've got more people than you can feed. you better go to the food bank and get some political help. >> plus, a post election wrap on what went wrong with the republican party, from former secretary of state condoleeza rice to the head of california's g.o.p. tom delpiccaro, tomorrow on eyewitness news this morning starting at 7:30 a.m. join us for that and the last look at weather this morning. it's chilly, scarf weather. had to pull out all that stuff yesterday. >> 'tis the season, absolutely. a frost advisory posted this morning for the bay area. isn't that gorgeous? as you can see the outline of some sky scrapers and the pointy head of the tallest sky scraper in san francisco. the pyramid being cast across the city. frost advisory posted for the north bay. temperature range in the north bay this morning from the upper
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20s to mid 30s. yikes. sunny and cool today. most readings in the upper 50s. next chance of rain coming in on thursday. veterans day is tomorrow as you might know. on this holiday weekend, more wounded warriors are relying on therapy dogs, man's best friend helps soldiers transition into a new life at the v.a. hospital. in san antonio texas, therapy dogs help them heal mentally and emotionally. many patients are surprised by the dogs' unconscious ill sport -- unconditional support. i'm not surprised. dogs are the best. besides cats. >> do you want to weigh in on this? >> i'm all for dogs. and cats. >> very good. thanks for joining us. enjoy your chilly saturday and please join us tomorrow morning at 7:30, phil will be here. we're breaking down the big week in mix. have a good one. ,,,,,,,,
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